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Panchavadyam is a popular temple percussion ensemble from the Indian state of Kerala. It consists of five instruments, namely thimila, maddalam, ilathalam, idakka, and kombu. The ensemble is usually performed during temple festivals and other cultural events.

The thimila and maddalam are two types of barrel-shaped drums, while the ilathalam is a cymbal-like instrument. The idakka is a small hourglass-shaped drum, and the kombu is a long curved horn.

Panchavadyam is known for its energetic beats and complex rhythms, as well as the intricate interplay between the different instruments. The ensemble is often accompanied by traditional dancers and features elaborate costumes and decorations.

Today, Panchavadyam is an important part of Kerala's cultural heritage and continues to be performed at temples and other events throughout the state. It is a testament to the rich musical traditions of India and the enduring power of traditional music to bring people together in celebration and joy.

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