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Thullal is a traditional dance form of Kerala, India. It is a solo performance where the dancer enacts a story while singing and gesturing. The performance is usually humorous and satirical in nature, and is accompanied by percussion instruments like chenda and maddalam.

Thullal originated in the 18th century and was popularized by Kunjan Nambiar, a poet and performer. It was initially performed in temples and later became a popular form of entertainment in villages.

Thullal has three main forms - Ottamthullal, Seethankan thullal and Parayan thullal. Ottamthullal is the most popular form and is known for its humorous storytelling and social commentary.

Today, Thullal is performed at festivals and cultural events in Kerala and has gained recognition as an important part of the state's cultural heritage. It continues to entertain and engage audiences with its unique blend of music, dance and storytelling.

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