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Festivals in Ernakulam

Festivals in Ernakulam
Annual Cochin Carnival: This is the most popular and longest running festival of Kochi. It is celebrated in the month of December, usually on the New Year's eve. It is a fun-filled festival with cultural events, fireworks, music and dance performances, beach sports and a lot of fun activities. 

Aluva Sivarathri is a Hindu festival which is celebrated in Aluva, kochi in Kerala, India. The festival is celebrated in honor of Lord Shiva and is one of the most important festivals in the region. It is celebrated annually in the Malayalam month of Kumbham (February-March).

The festival is celebrated over a period of three days and begins with the hoisting of the traditional flag at the Aluva Mahadeva temple. On the first day, people take part in a procession carrying an idol of Lord Shiva to the temple. People also perform various rituals and offer special prayers to the Lord.

On the second day, devotees take part in a procession carrying the sacred sandalwood paste from the ghat to the temple. This paste is then applied to the Lord's idol as a symbol of devotion and respect.

On the third day of the festival, the ritual of the holy bath is conducted. People take part in a procession to the river and bathe in its holy waters. After the bath, they offer special prayers and perform aarti to the Lord.

The festivities of Aluva Sivarathri come to an end with the traditional firework display. People also witness a spectacular display of fireworks at midnight. It is believed that this display symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

The festival of Aluva Sivarathri is an important event in the Hindu calendar and is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. It is a time to rejoice and celebrate the glory of Lord Shiva.

The SiGNS Film Festival is an international film festival based in India, which is dedicated to South Indian film culture and the language of cinemas. It is organised by the South Indian Film and Cultural Association (SiFCA). The festival highlights the creative innovation and cinematic excellence of South Indian filmmakers. SiGNS Film Festival provides a platform for the rich and diverse cinema of South India to be showcased in front of a global audience. The festival also showcases the works of emerging film makers and encourages them to pursue their creative ambitions. The festival also serves as a platform for creative dialogue between filmmakers from different parts of the world and provides an opportunity for them to share their work. 

SYNE International Film Festival is an annual film festival held in Muvattupuzha, Ernakulam (Cochin), India. The first festival was held in 2001 and featured 20 films over 4 days. Subsequent festivals offered filmmaker workshops, industry seminars, discussion forums and screenings in rural and urban areas. The fourth film festival was dedicated to Twelve-year-old Ali Ismail Abbas of Iraq. In 2005, SYNE conducted Touring Talkies - Film Festival along with Kerala State Chalachitra Academy with 18 films exhibited to celebrate 100 years of Malayalam and Indian Cinema.

In total, the festival has screened over 100 films, including feature films, documentaries, and short films in Indian languages, Iranian, Japanese, Indian, and Italian.

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