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Food in Ernakulam

Food in Ernakulam
Ernakulam is famous for its delicious, unique and varied cuisine. The main staple food includes fish, seafood and a variety of vegetables. Specialties from the region include Sadhya, Malabar Biryani, Tangy Rasam, Pulissery and Moru, Avial, Appam, Puttu, Banana Chips, Tapioca Chips, Idayappam and Payasam. The fish dishes are a must try for visitors to the region as the seafood is fresh and prepared with unique flavors. The desserts and snacks are also a delicacy and worth exploring to get a taste of the authentic flavors from Ernakulam.

Overall, Ernakulam is a great place to visit for food lovers looking to explore the unique flavor combinations and recipes of the region.

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