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India has a lot of fruits items which have separate shape, size, color and taste. Fruits are natural gifts of God which are the rich source of vitamins, minerals and proteins.

            The God's own country Kerala is a green land with it's natural beauty. There lot of fruits like Jackfruit (plavu), Mango, Banana tree (vazha), Papaya (omaikka), Custard Apple (seethappazham), Cashew (kasumavu), Sapodilla (manilakkara), Indian Goosberry (nelli), Black Plum (njaval), Manila Tamarind (kodukappuli), Star Goosberry (sheema nelli), Bread Fruit(seemaplavu), Cucumber Tree (pulinchi), Tamarind (puli) and Guava (pera).

            Kerala now declared the jackfruit as the official state fruit as Kerala has state animal, state bird, state flower and state fish. Jackfruit is also known as the queen of fruits in Kerala while it is the biggest tree-borne fruit in India and Kerala is the highest producer of this fruit. Banans are very familiar in Kerala are different kinds of Bananas they are Palayam Kodan, Nendrappazham and Red Banana etc. About 50-60 tons of bananas exported from Kerala every day. Bananas have three different colours yellow, purple and red.

            Mango, the king fruits, is also very popular in the state. In kerala there are somany varieties of Mangoes are popular. Seedling origin is the major speciality of mango trees in Kerala while mangoes are mostly used to make pickles and chutney. Mangoes are also used to make mango slices, mango pulp, jam and juice.

            Guava is another popular fruit in Kerala. The fruit is a rich source of vitamin C, pectin, calcium and phosphorus. It is used to prepare jams and jellies. Only 0.05 % of produce is being exported to foreign countries. USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Kuwait, Jordan etc. are the countries importing guava from India. The natural richness of Kerala is great as we call the state God's own country.