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History of Kozhikode

History of Kozhikode

The city has a long history, and is mentioned in the works of the Greek geographer Ptolemy. It was an important port of the Zamorins of Calicut, who controlled the region from the 9th century onwards. The city was a major trading post for spices and other goods from the Middle East and Southeast Asia. 

The Portuguese arrived in the 16th century and established a trading station in the city, which was taken over by the Dutch . The British arrived  and made Kozhikode a part of their Madras Presidency. The city was annexed to the Indian Union . 

Today, Kozhikode is an important cultural and educational center in the region. It is home to several educational institutions, including the Calicut University, the National Institute of Technology Calicut, and the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode. It is also home to one of the oldest and busiest ports in India, the Kozhikode Port. 

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