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Kerala is known as the "God's Own Country" due to its natural beauty and climate, which is why it has been attracting tourists in recent years. Kerala Tourism has worked hard to preserve the beauty of the region, and some of the most visited places by tourists include Munnar, Wayanad, Allepey, Kochi, and Idukki. It is mainly the hills, waterfalls, and mountainous areas that attract foreign tourists, and they love them.

The climate of Kerala also attracts tourists, as everyone has their own preferred climate (rain, fog, sunny mornings and nights). Nature is not the only reason for tourism in Kerala; there are also religious temples and historical caves.

The beaches in Kerala are also very popular with tourists, as everyone loves the beach. One of the most popular beaches is Kovalam Beach, as it helps to put people's minds at ease. If you ask an ordinary Keralan about their favorite place to visit on vacation, they will likely mention a beach or a lake, as they are part of their love for Kerala.

Most importantly, the culture and behavior of the people in Kerala is what makes them talk about their places in such an amazing way. Every city in Kerala has its own favorite tourist spot, and everyone here has their own culture.

Kerala is one of the most historically significant places in India and attracts tourists from all over India and other countries.

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