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Kerala is a state located in the southwestern region of India. The government of Kerala operates under a parliamentary system and is headed by a Chief Minister. The state has a unicameral legislature, called the Kerala Legislative Assembly, which is made up of 140 elected members.

Currently, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the government in Kerala was led by the Left Democratic Front (LDF) alliance, with Pinarayi Vijayan serving as the Chief Minister. However, there may have been changes in the government since then, as governments in India can change through elections or other political developments.

The government of Kerala is known for its focus on social welfare and has implemented several initiatives to improve education, healthcare, and housing for its citizens. Kerala has also been recognized for its efforts in achieving high levels of literacy, gender equality, and social development indicators. The state has a diverse economy with a strong focus on tourism, remittances from abroad, and agriculture.

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