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Suspension Bridge, Punalur

Suspension Bridge, Punalur
The Suspension Bridge in Punalur, Kerala is a stunning engineering marvel that is a popular tourist attraction. The bridge spans across the Kallada River and is known for its unique design that allows it to sway gently in the wind.

The construction of the bridge was completed in 1877 and it has since undergone several renovations to maintain its structural integrity. It is one of the oldest suspension bridges in India and attracts visitors from all over the country.

Walking across the bridge is an exhilarating experience as you can feel the gentle swaying motion of the bridge. The view of the surrounding landscape is also breathtaking, with lush green forests and the glistening Kallada River below.

The Suspension Bridge in Punalur is not just a tourist attraction but also an important mode of transportation for the local community. It is a testament to the ingenuity of human engineering and a symbol of Kerala's rich cultural heritage.

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