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Sree Dharmasastha Temple, Poonjar

Sree Dharmasastha Temple, Poonjar
Sree Dharmasastha Temple, located in Poonjar, Kerala, is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Ayyappa. This ancient temple, which is believed to have been built in the 12th century, is known for its magnificent architecture and unique features. The temple complex comprises several structures, including the main sanctum, the flagstaff, and the elephant shed.

The temple is situated in a serene and picturesque location, surrounded by lush greenery and rolling hills. It is a popular pilgrimage site for devotees of Lord Ayyappa, who flock to the temple during the annual festival of Mandalapooja. The festival, which falls in November-December, is celebrated with great pomp and show, and attracts thousands of devotees from across the state.

The temple is also renowned for its traditional art forms, including the Panchavadyam, a musical ensemble that combines five different instruments, and the Theyyam, a vibrant dance performance.

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