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Wall of Thodeekkalam Siva Temple

Wall of Thodeekkalam Siva Temple
The Wall of Thodeekkalam Siva Temple in Kerala is a remarkable piece of architectural and artistic mastery. This temple, located in the district of Malappuram, boasts a 120-feet-long and 48-feet-high wall that is adorned with exquisite murals depicting scenes from Hindu mythology.

The wall is made of laterite stones and has been standing for over 500 years. The murals are believed to have been painted in the 16th century by skilled artisans from the Malabar region. The colors used in the murals are made from natural pigments and have retained their vibrant hues even after centuries.

The wall of Thodeekkalam Siva Temple is not only a visual treat but also a testimony to the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. It is a reminder of the state's glorious past and the artistic excellence of its people. The temple and its wall attract tourists and devotees from all over the world and continue to inspire awe and admiration.

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