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Bus Time Schedule

The bus time schedule in Kerala is managed by the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) and several private operators. KSRTC operates both intercity and intracity bus services, connecting major towns and cities within the state, as well as to neighboring states. Private operators also operate intercity and intracity bus services, especially in urban areas.

KSRTC has a website where you can find the bus time schedule, routes, and fares. You can also book tickets online through the website. The website is

Apart from the KSRTC website, there are several other websites and apps that provide information about bus time schedules in Kerala. Some popular ones include RedBus, AbhiBus, and MakeMyTrip. These websites and apps provide real-time information about bus schedules, fares, and seat availability. They also allow you to book tickets online.

In addition to buses, Kerala also has a network of auto-rickshaws, taxis, and motorbikes for hire. The state also has a unique mode of transport called "theeyam," which involves riding on a bamboo raft across rivers and streams. If you plan to travel within Kerala, it is best to check the bus time schedule in advance and book your tickets online to avoid any inconvenience.

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