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Arikkady Fort, Kasaragod

Arikkady Fort, Kasaragod
Arikady Fort is an ancient fort located in the Kasaragod district of Kerala. This fort is a testimony to the rich history of the region and has played an important role in protecting the land from invaders. The fort was built by Sivappa Nayaka, a ruler of the Ikkeri dynasty in the 16th century.

The fort is a popular tourist attraction and offers a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the region. The fort has a unique architecture and is surrounded by a moat on three sides. It also has a number of bastions and watchtowers, which were used to keep an eye on the enemies.

Today, the fort is in ruins, but efforts are being made to restore it to its former glory. The fort is a must-visit destination for history lovers and anyone interested in exploring the rich cultural heritage of Kerala.

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