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Ezhimala Fort

Ezhimala Fort
Ezhimala Fort, located in the Kannur district of Kerala, is a historic fort that has stood witness to the changing tides of history for centuries. Built during the reign of the Chirakkal Rajas, this fort has played a vital role in the defense of the Malabar coast. The fort's strategic location atop a hill overlooking the Arabian Sea made it an ideal spot for guarding the coastline against foreign invasions.

Apart from its military significance, Ezhimala Fort is also an important historical site. Legend has it that Lord Buddha had visited the site, and a rock-cut cave nearby is believed to be his abode during his stay. The fort's ancient walls, watchtowers, and underground tunnels are a testament to the architectural skills of the ancient builders.

Today, Ezhimala Fort is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors with its panoramic views of the Arabian Sea, the nearby Kavvayi islands, and the surrounding countryside.

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