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Vettimuricha Kotta, East Fort

Vettimuricha Kotta, East Fort
Vettimuricha Kotta is a historic monument located in East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Built during the reign of Travancore King Marthanda Varma, this fort served as a strategic defense against foreign invasions. The fort was named after Vettimuricha, a commander who played a crucial role in defending the fort from British attacks in the 18th century.

Today, Vettimuricha Kotta stands as a symbol of the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. The fort is a popular tourist destination and is frequented by history enthusiasts, architecture lovers, and travelers seeking a glimpse into Kerala's past. The fort's unique architecture and strategic location make it an impressive sight to behold. The fort's interior features several rooms that were once used as storage spaces for weapons and ammunition.

Vettimuricha Kotta is a testament to the legacy of the Travancore Kingdom and its leaders' unwavering commitment to protecting their land and people.

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