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Ancient House of Late Arnos Pathiri

Ancient House of Late Arnos Pathiri
The Ancient House of Late Arnos Pathiri in Kerala is a magnificent and historically significant structure that stands as a testament to the region's rich cultural heritage. This traditional Nalukettu-style mansion, located in the Pathirikunnu area of Kozhikode, is believed to have been built over 200 years ago.

The house features intricate wooden carvings and is adorned with traditional art and artifacts, including ancient family heirlooms, paintings, and sculptures. The sprawling courtyard of the mansion is a sight to behold, with lush greenery, a pond, and a traditional well.

The Late Arnos Pathiri family played a prominent role in the region's socio-political history, and the house served as a center of intellectual and cultural activities during their time. The mansion is now a popular tourist attraction, drawing visitors from across the country and beyond to admire its beauty and learn about the area's rich history and cultural heritage.

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