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Vadakke Nambimadam

Vadakke Nambimadam
Vadakke Nambimadom is a historic house located in the heart of the city of Thrissur in Kerala, India. This traditional Nambiar family house is renowned for its architectural beauty and cultural significance.

Built-in the traditional Kerala style of architecture, the house features a central courtyard, sloping roofs, intricate wood carvings, and spacious rooms. It is said that the house was built over 400 years ago and has been preserved in its original state, making it a unique example of traditional Kerala architecture.

The house has also played a significant role in the cultural history of Thrissur. It was a hub of cultural activities and patronage, hosting famous artists and performers from across the state. Today, Vadakke Nambimadom stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Kerala and continues to inspire visitors from all over the world with its timeless beauty and cultural legacy.

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