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Old Seminary, Kottayam

Old Seminary, Kottayam
The Old Seminary in Kottayam, Kerala is a significant landmark in the history of the Malankara Orthodox Church. It was established in 1815 as a center for theological education and the formation of priests, and it continues to serve that purpose to this day.

The Old Seminary is a beautiful and well-maintained building, with its distinctive red brick and white trim. It is a perfect example of the traditional architecture of Kerala, with its sloping roofs, wooden balconies, and spacious verandas. The campus includes a chapel, a library, and several classrooms, and it has a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

Over the years, the Old Seminary has produced many distinguished scholars and leaders of the Malankara Orthodox Church. It remains an important institution for the preservation of the rich heritage and traditions of the Church, and a testament to the enduring power of faith and education.

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