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Old Sub Registrar Office Building, Kuttiady

Old Sub Registrar Office Building, Kuttiady
The Old Sub Registrar Office Building in Kuttiady, Kerala, is a historically significant structure that stands as a testament to the region's rich cultural and architectural heritage. Built during the British colonial period, the building served as a vital administrative center, housing the sub-registrar's office and several other government departments.

Constructed using locally-sourced red bricks, the building boasts an impressive blend of British and traditional Kerala architectural styles. Its symmetrical fa├žade, sloping roofs, and arched doorways are typical of colonial architecture, while the ornamental carvings and traditional verandahs reflect the region's cultural identity.

Over the years, the Old Sub Registrar Office Building has witnessed significant historical events, making it an important landmark of Kuttiady's history. Despite its age and neglect, the structure remains a cherished part of the town's identity and is currently being restored by the local government to preserve its cultural significance for future generations.

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