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Garudan Thookkam

Garudan Thookkam
Garudan Thookkam is a traditional art form of Kerala that involves performers hanging from a tall pole and being swung around in circular motions. The performers are adorned with the costume of Garuda, the mythical bird of Hindu mythology, and are suspended in the air by a harness. The performance is accompanied by the beats of drums and cymbals.

The origin of Garudan Thookkam can be traced back to the Hindu festival of Vishu, celebrated in Kerala. The performance is believed to symbolize the fight between Garuda and the serpent, representing the victory of good over evil.

Despite the risks involved in performing Garudan Thookkam, it is still practiced in some parts of Kerala during festive occasions. The art form is considered a cultural heritage of the state and attracts many tourists.

However, concerns have been raised regarding the safety of the performers and steps have been taken to ensure that the tradition is carried out with proper safety measures.

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