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Kolam Thullal

Kolam Thullal
Kolam Thullal is a traditional folk dance form of Kerala, performed mainly by women during the festival of Onam. It is a colorful and vibrant dance form that is performed to celebrate the arrival of the mythical King Mahabali. The dance is accompanied by the rhythmic beats of traditional percussion instruments like chenda, thakil, and maddalam.

The dancers wear colorful traditional attire, and their faces are adorned with intricate makeup and jewelry. The dance is performed in circular formations, and the dancers move gracefully with their feet and hands in a synchronized manner. The highlight of the Kolam Thullal is the intricate patterns drawn on the floor with colored powder, which is believed to invite the deity to bless the house.

The dance is not only a celebration of the festival but also a reflection of the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. It is a beautiful display of grace, rhythm, and color that has been passed down from generation to generation.

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