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Kummattikali is a colorful folk art form that originated in Kerala, India. It is a performance art where the performers wear masks and vibrant, multi-colored attire. The dance involves rhythmic movements and the use of props such as sticks and umbrellas.

Kummattikali is performed during festivals and celebrations, especially during the Onam festival in Kerala. The performers, known as Kummattis, move from house to house, performing and entertaining the people. The dance is accompanied by traditional music, and the performers also sing and recite verses.

The masks worn by the Kummattis are traditionally made of jackfruit tree pulp and painted in bright colors. Each mask depicts a different character, including animals, gods, and goddesses. The dance is a reflection of Kerala's rich cultural heritage and is an important part of the state's identity.

In recent times, Kummattikali has gained popularity beyond Kerala, and it is now performed in other parts of India and in other countries as well.

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