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Thiruvathirakali is a popular dance form of Kerala, which is performed by women during the auspicious occasion of Thiruvathira. The dance is also known as Kaikottikali, as it involves clapping of hands in rhythm. The dancers wear traditional attire and adorn themselves with beautiful jewelry.

Thiruvathirakali is a graceful dance that symbolizes the feminine energy and celebrates the spirit of womanhood. The dance is performed in a circular formation around a lamp, which represents the divine light of Shiva. The lyrics of the songs sung during the dance are usually about love, devotion and the beauty of nature.

Thiruvathirakali is not only a cultural tradition but also a social bonding activity for women. It strengthens the bond between family members and friends, as they dance and sing together. Thiruvathirakali is a beautiful and elegant dance form that showcases the rich cultural heritage of Kerala.

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