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Buddha Image at Mavelikkara

Buddha Image at Mavelikkara
The Buddha Image at Mavelikkara in Kerala is an important historical and cultural monument. The image, believed to have been constructed during the 9th century, is a fine example of the artistry and craftsmanship of that era. The image is carved out of granite and stands at a height of nearly four feet.

The Buddha Image at Mavelikkara is a significant representation of the Buddhist culture that existed in the region during ancient times. The statue depicts the Buddha in a seated position, with his hands resting on his lap in a meditative pose. The statue is intricately carved, with elaborate details such as the drapery and jewelry.

Over the years, the Buddha Image at Mavelikkara has become a popular tourist attraction and a symbol of Kerala's rich cultural heritage. It is also a source of inspiration and spiritual significance for many who come to visit it

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