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Pandavanpara Petroglyphs

Pandavanpara Petroglyphs
Pandavanpara Petroglyphs in Kerala, India are a set of ancient rock engravings that date back to the Neolithic Age. These petroglyphs are believed to have been created by the indigenous tribes who inhabited the region more than 3000 years ago. The engravings are carved on a large granite rock face and depict various figures such as humans, animals, weapons, and geometric designs.

The Pandavanpara Petroglyphs are significant as they provide insights into the lifestyle, culture, and beliefs of the prehistoric people of Kerala. The engravings are also a testament to the artistic skills of these ancient people, who were able to create intricate and detailed designs using primitive tools.

However, the site is facing the threat of destruction due to the lack of proper conservation measures and human encroachment. The government and concerned authorities need to take steps to protect and preserve this invaluable cultural heritage site for future generations to learn from and appreciate.

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