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Kanakkayam Dolmens

Kanakkayam Dolmens
Kanakkayam Dolmens are ancient megalithic structures located in the state of Kerala, India. These dolmens, also known as Muniyara, are believed to be around 2000 to 3000 years old and were built during the Iron Age. The dolmens are made of large, upright stones with flat slabs forming a roof on top, and they were used as tombs for the dead.

The Kanakkayam Dolmens are considered significant archaeological sites, providing valuable insights into the early history of the region. The dolmens are located in a picturesque setting amidst dense forests and are a popular destination for tourists and history enthusiasts.

Despite their importance, the dolmens face threats from human activities such as encroachment, deforestation, and quarrying. There have been efforts to protect and preserve these ancient structures, including declaring them as protected monuments under the Archaeological Survey of India.

In conclusion, the Kanakkayam Dolmens are fascinating ancient structures that provide a glimpse into the early history of Kerala.

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