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Megalithic Burial Site, Poothamkara

Megalithic Burial Site, Poothamkara
Poothamkara in Kerala is a megalithic burial site that dates back to the Iron Age. The site features a range of ancient tombs and cairns that were used to bury the dead. These megalithic structures are thought to have been constructed by the local tribal communities, who lived in the region more than 2000 years ago.

The site is known for its impressive architecture, with large stones used to construct the tombs and cairns. These structures are still standing today, despite their age, and provide a fascinating glimpse into the burial practices of ancient cultures.

Archaeologists have discovered a range of artifacts at the Poothamkara site, including pottery, stone tools, and metal objects. These artifacts provide important insights into the daily lives of the people who lived in the area during the Iron Age.

Overall, the Poothamkara megalithic burial site is a valuable cultural heritage site that provides a unique window into the past.

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