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Dolmens at Kovilkadavu, Idukki

Dolmens at Kovilkadavu, Idukki
Dolmens are ancient stone structures that have been found in various parts of the world. One of the most fascinating examples of dolmens can be found at Kovilkadavu, Idukki in Kerala, India. These dolmens are believed to have been built thousands of years ago by the Megalithic people who lived in the region.

The dolmens at Kovilkadavu consist of large upright stones, called orthostats, that support a flat, horizontal capstone. They were likely used as burial chambers for the Megalithic people, who placed the bodies of their deceased family members inside.

Today, the dolmens at Kovilkadavu are a popular tourist attraction and an important archaeological site. They provide valuable insights into the ancient history and culture of Kerala, and remind us of the incredible engineering and building skills of our ancestors.

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