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Post holes Anakkara

Post holes Anakkara
Post holes Anakkara is an archaeological site located in the Idukki district of Kerala, India. The site consists of several stone tools and numerous post holes, which were used to support a wooden structure. These post holes date back to the Neolithic period, which is around 2,000 BCE. The site is believed to have been used for various activities, including trade and religious ceremonies.

The discovery of Post holes Anakkara has shed light on the prehistoric life of Kerala and the ancient trade network in South India. The site has also provided valuable information about the construction techniques and building materials used during the Neolithic period. Archaeological excavations at the site are ongoing, and more discoveries are expected in the future.

Post holes Anakkara is an important archaeological site in Kerala and a significant part of India's cultural heritage. The site serves as a reminder of the rich history and the technological achievements of our ancestors.

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