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Thazhekkad Chruch Inscription

Thazhekkad Chruch Inscription
The Thazhekkad Church Inscription in Kerala is a historical artifact that offers valuable insight into the region's religious and cultural practices. The inscription, written in ancient Malayalam language, dates back to the 9th century AD and is considered one of the oldest inscriptions in the state.

The text on the stone slab mentions the construction of a church dedicated to Saint Mary, which was built by a group of Christians led by a man named Iravi Kortan. The inscription also includes details about the land donated for the church's construction, its dimensions, and the procedures to be followed during the church's consecration.

The Thazhekkad Church Inscription serves as a reminder of the rich cultural and religious heritage of Kerala. It is also significant as it sheds light on the early Christian community's existence in Kerala and their traditions. The inscription is an essential resource for historians and researchers interested in the history of Christianity in India.

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