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Thazhekkad Temple Inscription

Thazhekkad Temple Inscription
The Thazhekad Temple Inscription is an ancient stone inscription discovered in the state of Kerala, India. It is believed to date back to the 9th century CE and provides valuable insights into the social and religious life of the time. The inscription is written in the Vattezhuthu script, an old script used in the Tamil language.

The inscription mentions the construction of a temple by a queen named Nedumkotta Chola, who was the wife of a king named Koon Pandiyan. The temple was dedicated to the Hindu deity Shiva and the inscription provides details about the various donations made to the temple, including land and gold ornaments. The inscription also describes the roles and responsibilities of the temple officials and provides information about the daily rituals performed at the temple.

Overall, the Thazhekad Temple Inscription is an important historical document that sheds light on the religious practices and social structures of ancient India.

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