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Kotholikkunnu Caves

Kotholikkunnu Caves
Kottolikkunnu Caves, located in the district of Kannur, Kerala, is a popular tourist destination for those seeking an adventurous experience. These caves were formed naturally over thousands of years, and are known for their unique geological formations and mysterious atmosphere.

The caves are located atop a hill, and visitors must trek up the hill to reach them. Once inside, visitors are treated to a stunning display of stalactites and stalagmites, with some formations resembling various objects and creatures.

Kottolikkunnu Caves are also home to several species of bats, adding to the excitement and mystique of the experience. Visitors are advised to wear appropriate footwear and carry a flashlight, as the caves can be slippery and dark.

Overall, Kottolikkunnu Caves offer a unique and thrilling experience for those who enjoy exploring nature's wonders. Its natural beauty and geological significance make it a must-visit destination for tourists visiting Kerala.

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